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Summer Layering









Crop top Topshop White jumpsuit Zara Sunglasses Celine Sandals Forever21

Hola lovers. I am back! Last few days is exactly what I needed to recharge and spring back to life. Well, we did lots of holiday things like eat, beach, sleep and some fun gym sessions. Holiday gym sessions are important to keep you in shape, just incase you decide to take some pictures in your bikini 😉 Yes I have some really cool stuff coming up soon. So keep your eyes on this page or follow me on Instagram & Twitter @sitasunar.

First of all, thank god I packed differently. Every morning at breakfast they all looked the same. White/maxi dresses or beach shorts.

Why fit in, when you are born to STAND OUT.

Dr. Seuss

Not sure where to begin? For years experts all over the world have been talking about the power of layering! So why not summer layer? It’s a fun way to add a little coolness to your look. Crop tops/bralet is a great way to layer under a nice overall and white shirt. Another great option is no sleeves coat, they come in different length and color.

Leave a comment below if you would like to see me style a no sleeves coat!


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