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Holiday guide















Trousers by Topshop, White shirt by H&M, Shoes by Topshop, Ear cuff Freedom by Topshop

Almost a month ago I was in this paradise. Land of beautiful beaches, lush forest, portuguese influenced culture and biggest hippie land in India. This is what I call it home! Growing up here I never really appreciated the beauty of this place. Instead I tired everything to move away from here quickly. Who would have thought after 10 years I would do anything to run back to this. 10 years and nothing has changed around here.

It’s no secret that Goa is one among the top hippie destinations in India. Whether you want to lose yourself in trance or psychedelic music, lay by the ocean or get lost in it’s rain forest, Goa offers everything.  There are various beaches that aren’t disturbed and you can always rent a beach shack and simply doze off under the trees. So, If you planning to escape the european winter than head to this little sunny island. October until the February is the peek tourist time in Goa. During this time the temperatures drop to about 25-30 degrees during day and 20 degrees at night.

Which one would you pick? North VS South? Well, it really depends what you prefer. North Goa is more lively, full moon parties, party until dawn, international cuisine, beach clubs and bar. South on the other hand is more relaxed with calm rustic and best beaches. Beautiful beaches, rice paddies and palms as far as the eyes can see by the coast. But, venture a little further and you’ll find yourself in thick forests. Indulge yourself and want to be close to nature than south Goa is a total treat.

Going through this pictures did brighten up my grey dutch morning. Hope this brings some sunshine into your’s as well.

Sita <3

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