How to look cool without jeans during winter? — Cocolett
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How to look cool without jeans during winter?













Black bomber jacket by Topshop, Skirt by Topshop, Sunglasses by Celine, Shoes by Topshop

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Midi skirts. Last summer was all about midi skirt with front or side slit. During winter I prefer this skirt to be a bit full and flowy. Some time you don’t have to play be the role! Do what makes you feel comfortable and the rest will come.

A lot of us stick to pants during winter. I guess its safe and you can’t really go wrong in them. The real challenge is how to look cool without jeans during winter? Layering, is the best technique that one can use to tackle our winter dressing. I personally like an oversize and boxy shape for the top and go for bit fitted piece for the bottom. Though these pictures are an exception. Some time I like to ditch the rule book and try something different. I am in love with these slightly flowy midi length skirt by Topshop. Make it work with loads of layer on the top and a nice chunky boot. I know ditching pants for winter can be quite dangerous but trust me you need to try this at-least once.

As we all know, Amsterdam can be really windy. Since my house is right in front of the canal that opens into sea, It’s worse. We shot these pictures on our way to the super market. I love spending my day off with friends and do a bit of blog work. We cooked, talked, worked and ended our day watching Sex and the City in bed. What a great day!

Sita <3


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