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You can never have enough lip butter!




Style tone  box for the month of August, Sunglasses by Topshop

Good morning lovers,

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. I Am back with another post and a small flat-lay of products I love at the minute. StyleTone is such a bundle of surprise. Every month they hand pick and put together this amazing new products to create their monthly box.

No matter what season we are in, I always have chapped lips. I bet as a women most of you would have done something similar. I actually own so many of these chap sticks but somehow still manage to lose them. First of all, each of the handbags will have one of these as a mandatory beauty product. That one day when you have the worst case of chapped lips you end up taking a bag that doesn’t have one. Haha… happens to me all the time. You can never have enough lip butter 😉 Obviously, my favourite out of the box is the Ellovi – Tinted lip butter and Rosy Cheeks gel.

Sita <3

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