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How to wear denim cutoffs and still look like an adult






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Summer in holland means few days of 30 degrees with unexpected showers. However, the dutchies know how to make the most out of a good sunny day. For some reason I feel that the entire country is on a vacation and I am stuck inside working. Haha… that’s not true! I have had my fair share of good weather too 😉

So coming to the big fat question. Can denim cut offs look adult? Or Can you wear your denim cutoffs to work? So the answer is, YES! You can wear denim cut offs and still look like an adult. But choosing the right ones is the key to achieve this look. First thing you need to do is avoid everything that says Mom fit. They might sound safe but their is nothing safe about them. In fact, they ride straight up your cheek. So stay away from them! And go visit your Grandma instead. Granny shorts are the shit, they cover what needs to be covered in a cool way. If you think of wearing them to work, (only if your job is as usual as mine) then I would pair them with a crisp white shirt and statement shoes. Adding a blazer will make you feel like an office lady but just without pants!

I personally fell in love with these Girlfriend fit from Topshop. I have recommended this to many ladies and they all love them as much as I do.

Sita <3

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