Come discover best of panarea island
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Come away with me to the Island of Panarea…

sicily, travel dairy, italian summer, panarea

Capo Milazzese, panarea, discover sicily, panarea, travel dairy

Capo Milazzese, panarea, discover sicily, panarea, travel dairy


Capo Milazzese, panarea, discover sicily, panarea, travel dairyWe are just back from our lovely Italian summer vacation! Catching up on last bit of summer will help us get through this long cold winter. With september also comes the calm after the school holidays. Vacation should 2 things easy and lots of sun. So here is our guide to catching up on some serious sun in September.

Love for the food and ocean lured us this time to the Aeolian Islands of Sicily. While deciding on the island, we were flabbergasted to have so many options to choose from. However Stromboli Volcano definitely stood out of all. So the closest we could get to this volcano without getting burnt, we safely zeroed down on Panarea! Well, for the first. Who wouldn’t like to wake up looking at a giant active volcano. BTW not in a scary way. And Stromboli volcano has only been coughing gases for years. Believe me this coughing gas mountain looked absolutely ravishing!

Our stay at Lisca Bianca was great! This hotel looks straight into the eye with Stromboli volcano and some other little islands around. I would recommend to take the room with private balcony and ocean view. The island in general is bit expensive and overpriced because of all the celebrities flocking in. However they do some Air B&B options if you travelling on a budget.Panarea island, guide to panarea, discover aeolian island, stromboli

Things to do:

Where to eat: First thing first… here are some our favourite restaurants in Panarea. I am a sucker for fresh seafood. So Ristorante Da Pina  will be on the top of the list for me. Next stop. Pizza! For the best pizza in town go to Antonio Il Macellaio. which is the only and well known steak house in town. We had so many amazing evenings at this place and I have a little insider experience to share with you. So 4 days into our holiday I was already missing the notorious dutch fries and this was the only place in town that actually came close to my cravings. So hands down for the fries too! Pamper yourself at Hycesia for luxurious Italian meal. Authentic yet modern this place is sure to blow your mind. Dall Eoliano, is another great place for simple sicilian food. And for the last Cusiritati. By far this place has the best view for dinner. Located just above high on the hill overlooking the stromboli with perfect sunset and in the end they will make you pay for the view too 😉

Beach please! This island has only one sandy beach to offer. Cala deli Zimmari is about 15-20mins walk from most hotels around in the island. The walk to the beach is absolutely stunning however if you not much of a walker than the mini golf taxi is all you have in the island. The island is free of cars! And the only way to hitch a ride is golf cars or seriously take a hike.

ancient Cala Junco reserve area, panarea island, guide to panarea, sicily, travel guide

Hidden Stone beach

Go take a hike: Walk along the beach and there is a small hiking trail that takes up to the Bronze Age huts of Cala Junco. The view is absolutely gorgeous and totally worth your time. On the other side lies a hidden stone beach only accessible by feet or boat.

hike, panarea island hike, panarea island, panarea island guide, sicily, call junco reserve area

Ancient Cala Junco Reserve Area

Boat life: This was by far one of the best thing I have experienced in my life and I didn’t dare take my camera out. Well, accept for my phone. So I don’t have any pictures to share. The idea is to see this incredibly beautiful coves, rocky volcanic mountains and life in the sea up close. To see the best of the island I highly recommned to hire a speed boat for minimum of 2 days. As the Sicilians say, take ride anddon’t worry. You can have an entire boat to yourself for half a price if you ride by yourself, which I highly recommend!  So jump in the crystal clear water or soak sun on the deck with a book the choice is yours.

Island Hop: Panarea is the smallest island of the Aelioans and home to approximately about 280 permanent resident. If you want to get some more action than you can easily visit the other islands of Aeolians. It’s easily accessible by ferry and they depart every few hours.

Stromboli, panarea island, guide to panarea, September beach vacation, italian summer


Cala Zimmari beach, panarea, eagle eye view of Cala Zimmari beach, panarea island

Cala Zimmari 

Lisca Bianca island, panarea, panarea island

Lisca Bianca volcanic island

Overall we had the best time of our life and so grateful to have experienced this. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures and this inspires you to explore the Aeolians Island.

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