Find out newest and favourite jeans trend of all fashionistas
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It’s in the jeans!

street style, tommy hilfiger denim, straight leg denim, amsterdam fashion blogger, denim lover,

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favourite denim trend, tommy jeans, new denim trend, amsterdam, fashion blogger, street style

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger , Turtleneck: H&M,  Long line blazer: Mango ,

Sometimes all you need is good pair of jeans and shirt! It’s no secret that jeans is the one piece of clothing that we all have in common. And I am sure you agree to have love and hate relationship with them? Love because, you can’t live without them and hate because they are most difficult to shop.

Brands are now taking their denim business seriously by doing everything to make our life easy. But I guess, a lot of you still don’t know this one simple trick to follow while shopping for denim. Brand like Tommy Jeans have different jeans length that suit your length and liking. For the ones that I am wearing in the pictures above are called “Straight Leg” and I went with the length 32, which is my usual. However, with this fit I wanted them to sit just above my ankle and length 30 was a bit shorter.  These jeans are my favourite because I can style them different and for more casual look with sneakers, I roll them once at the ankle.

So ladies, the next time when you out on your denim quest, remember to ask for the length. And always try 2 different length before your pick your favourite!

Sita <3

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