How to rock a band tee?










Jeans Topshop, Nirvana jumper Vintage, Leather Jacket Zara, Skinny scarf Topshop

Once again the streets are leading the game. They are everywhere, it’s kind of becoming a fashion  staple and something Kristen Stewart will throw on running out the door. They can be both Glam & Grungy. If you ask me it’s a personal choice and how you want to be taken. Sometime, grungy vibe with glam elements is a good surprise and refreshing to see. You can obviously stick to the old rock & roll stye, which I think is pretty rebellious and cool.

For the last few months I have been on this” rock your band tee diet” and I am loving it! I have worn them for severally occasions and style them differently; glam vs grunge, casual jeans & tee day & old school badass rock & roll chic. Haha… No, Who am I kidding. Well, the point is I love it a lot.

“YAY or NAY” What do you guys think of it.

Sita ❤


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