SS16 trend alert ” ruffle me “






Blouse by H&M, Jeans by Levi’s Vintage, Shoes by Topshop

Gosh it’s Monday already. I am definitely not ready to start another week. The weather here doesn’t seem to change at all. Snow, rain, grey skies… I am so done with this winter.

Thank god for our clothes, we can inject some colour and life into our world. From the minute I laid my eyes on this pink blouse I was in Love. It was one of the days when only retail therapy could help survive the day. I guess, the best time to go shopping is when you not feeling the weather or bored out of your skull. During this time my inspiration is far from being boring.

Ruffles are really big this season. They make any boring outfit look more interesting. I find it very romantic how they flow. As you can see from the pictures, I couldn’t stop moving and dancing. It was a terrible weather to shoot outside so I decided to have some fun and try something different. Self shooting can be annoying and time consuming, as it’s one person running the show. I took about 2 hours to shoot this and realised most of them were blurry. After going through few times, I decided to anyhow post them. I mean why not, If this blouse made me so happy then It definitely gets the chance to be featured on my blog. haha.

Sita ❤


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