When in doubt wear double denim




Denim jacket by Topshop, Mickey tee by Topshop, White sneakers by Nike

When in doubt wear double denim. I literally live by this. If you work in Fashion then you are expected to be at your best all the time. Look no further then your basic denim. It’s no secret that fashion world has always secretly adored denim but it’s just now that denim/double denim is taking over the fashion world and there is no looking back. Fashion week showed us creative ways of embracing  jeans with your own sense of personal style.

Today we are talking about the new trend thats taking over the street style, runways and magazine editorials. It’s end of the Era for over the shoulder coat and we have officially moved on to forced shoulder exposure. We believe this trend makes our outfit and pictures look way cooler. Try it now and lets us know what you think.

Sita ❤


One thought on “When in doubt wear double denim

  1. You’re right – it’s always been about denim it’s just now that the denim suit has suddenly upped it’s games! I love the way you’ve styled it and you’re right it’s so easy to slip into – I’m in all denim right now!



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