How to look Gucci without breaking your bank?






Trousers by Topshop, Shirt by American Apparel, Shoes by Topshop

So we tried the Gucci diet without actually Gucci. Haha… Who says you have to actually wear all Gucci to try this diet. It’s pretty simple find your inspiration and compensate with what you can afford. As much as we all like to have all of that in Gucci, unfortunately our bank account is not big enough to support that.

So here it is how I did it?

Step: 1) So here is the truth. I have a secret crush on Gucci for almost 2 years. And since then I have been stalking them a lot. The powering suiting in Gucci had me at one glance. The main feature of this look were the finishing touches, I feel in love with those quirky ties.

2) Find pieces and put together something you already have. Keep the inspiration alive in details. Like a neck tie or Pineapple. Haha… You know what I am talking about.

3) Last, steal a men’s tie and DIY pussy bow tie!

And here you have it!

Sita ❤


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