How to look Gucci without breaking your bank?






Trousers by Topshop, Shirt by American Apparel, Shoes by Topshop

So we tried the Gucci diet without actually Gucci. Haha… Who says you have to actually wear all Gucci to try this diet. It’s pretty simple find your inspiration and compensate with what you can afford. As much as we all like to have all of that in Gucci, unfortunately our bank account is not big enough to support that.

So here it is how I did it?

Step: 1) So here is the truth. I have a secret crush on Gucci for almost 2 years. And since then I have been stalking them a lot. The powering suiting in Gucci had me at one glance. The main feature of this look were the finishing touches, I feel in love with those quirky ties.

2) Find pieces and put together something you already have. Keep the inspiration alive in details. Like a neck tie or Pineapple. Haha… You know what I am talking about.

3) Last, steal a men’s tie and DIY pussy bow tie!

And here you have it!

Sita ❤

What to wear when you feel “I have nothing to wear”








White shirt by Topshop, Jeans Vintage, Shoes by Public deisre

Is it Monday again?

First of all, I think our struggle is real when we wake up and realise it’s Monday already. Everything seems so slow but somehow the time is running faster then you realise. Some Mondays can even start with “I have nothing to wear”!

Well, I had this feeling few times last week after moving into our new home. When you have 15mins to get ready and leave, you got to be quick, smart and creative. It’s then that i realised that I stuck to my favourite denim and white shirt that I can’t live without and of course I let my personal style do the creative bit. So guys, once again believe in the power of personal style and white shirt. God knows how many times I have said this “I have a white shirt for all occasion”. Well this really helped! So any time you feel lost in your closet and don’t have anything to wear. Close your eyes and think about that one thing you would live and die in. Easier, just stick to my denim and white shirt combo, I promise it will never disappoint you.

Have a nice week you’ll!

Sita ❤


The Fashion Week uniform









White shirt Zara Man Denim dungarees Zara woman Shoes Topshop Sunglasses ASOS Scarf Topshop

Hi Lovers,

Did you guys miss me? Well, having a full time job and blogging is lot more difficult than I thought. After all, Life is a matter of balance.

Since Fashion Week has descended upon us. We decided to do a Fashion Week uniform and a instant crowd pleaser. Do you believe in blurring the traditional gender difference? Then this is for you. Classic pinstripe shirt from men’s closet and your pink heels.

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. However, we would like to hear from you. Share with us that one piece in your closet that screams Androgyny.

Can’t wait to hear thoughts and comments.