Vegan detox!


Hi lovers,

How is everyone doing? I am assuming most of you must be busy tackling your New Year’s resolution. Me too! Once again my resolutions are pretty standard; live healthy, be happy, practice more gratitude and learn dutch. So I have been pretty busy to live up to my goals.

Last year around this time I tried the Vegan detox diet. After seeing some great changes; physically, mentally and spiritual. I have decided to do it again! Here is everything you need to know about this cleanse. I have tried my best to explain what,why &  how this cleanse will work.

What is a Vegan detox?

Cleansing is become a big trend in wellness world. During this detox I will follow a plant based diet and avoid unhealthy and processed foods.

Why I need a detox?

This is my magic pill! I felt alive and energised like never before. This detox helped me restart and jumpstart my healthy habits. Simply eating 100% natural diet helps remove all the toxins and cleanse our system. You’ll wake up with a strange sensation: energy. Eating natural is like feeding your soul; I started to sleep better, have better moods, I could work long hours without feeling tired and most of all I felt happy and healthy from inside.

I decided to research a little before doing such a thing. I was surprise to find so much information. There is a cleanse and detox available for all kind of things. The internet says that it takes about 72 hours for your body to clean and realise all the toxins. However, I decided to follow this for a month. My goal is to detox and train myself to eat healthy. After a month, I want my palate to be excited for a grill asparagus and broccoli and have cravings for banana chips. During this detox I will not starve myself. Instead, I will eat nutritiously and consciously. A good diet and training can do miracles. So, I will stick to my old training routines, wherein I try my best to workout twice. Morning yoga is my wake up call and evenings I have more time to train.

Today I am sharing one of my best found recipe. This pumpkin lentil soup will sure get you excited to start that detox.

Pumpkin Lentil Curry with whole grain roti





•720gm Lentils

•800gm Kidney Beans

•4 teaspoons Salt

•4 tablespoons, Coconut Oil

•4 tablespoons Cumin

•2 tablespoon Cardamom

•2 tablespoon Cinnamon

•4 Bay Leaves

•2 tablespoon Ginger

•2 clove Garlic

•2 teaspoon Cayenne Powder

•2 small container Tomato Paste

•2 medium size organic pumpkin

•2 can Liter Coconut Milk


1.Chop pumpkin into quarter and peel. Then cut them into small chunks. Bring water to boil and then place the pumpkin chunks. Cooks this for 20mins until its tender. Remove all the water and puree the pumpkin.

2.Heat coconut oil in medium-high heat. Cook all spices for 1 to 2 minutes. Reduce heat to medium-low; add tomato paste, pumpkin, kidney beans and lentils.

3.Cook over medium heat until slightly reduced, about 5 minutes. Add coconut milk and cook until for  2 to 4 minutes. Now simmer for about 45 minute, stirring occasionally. Serve warm with roti or over brown rice/quinoa.

Note: This will make about 10 servings. This recipe is slightly modified from Lorimer Street Kitchen. Go check out her blog for more great recipes like this.

Hope this delicious pumpkin lentil curry inspires you to consider a detox. Let me know If you had the time to try this recipe or feel free to share your detox secret.

Wish you all a fab week!

Sita ❤

Queen of all Yoga poses! Shoulderstand or Salamba Sarvangasana








Hope everyone is ready to kickstart this week. Well, I am feeling extra excited after my holidays. Last 3 weeks were amazing and obviously it went by super fast.

Today I am talking about mother of all asana; Shoulder Stand or Salamba Sarvangasana. B.K.S Iyengar referred shoulder stand as the Queen of Asana or Sarvangasana. In Iyengar’s own words (book of yoga) ’Light on Yoga’ “The importance of Sarvangasana cannot be over-emphasised. It is one of the greatest boons conferred on humanity by our ancient sages. Sarvangasana is the Mother of asanas. As a mother strives for harmony and happiness in the home, this asana strives for harmony and happiness in the human system. it is a panacea for most common ailments.”

Do you know what Sarvangasana actually means? In Sanskrit, Sarva means “all” or “entire” and Anga means “organ” or “body part.” Translated, it means “full body pose” because of its benefits for the whole body. Since it helps the entire body you ca not ignore the benefits from this pose. In fact Sri Dharma Mittra states that “some yogi’s only do this pose,” and it can be held from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. So Sarvangasana is cure to all: from common cold to constipation.

Here are some of the positive effects of Shoulder Stand:

1) Answer to thyroid imbalance: This pose is proven to balance thyroid and hypothalamus glands. It brings blood to the thyroid and parathyroid, helping them properly secrete hormones.

2)  Strengthens the heart and lungs: Due to the inverted position, it reduces strain on the heart. It gives the heart a break from working so hard and helps to oxygenate the lungs. This pose has positive effect on people suffering from asthma, bronchitis and throat ailments may get relief.

3) Soothes and calms the nervous system: Sarvangasana is an answer to people who are easily irritated or prone to anger or nervous breakdowns. Daily practice of Sarvangasana will stabilise and make you less reactive to life’s circumstances.

4) Reduces constipation: Because of the inversion and change in gravitation the bowels move freely and constipation is relieved.

5) Activates throat chakra ( VISUDDAH): Shoulderstand is also practice to activate our fifth chakra. This chakra is associated with creativity and self expression. When this Chakra is open, our negative experiences can easily be transformed into wisdom and leaning.

6) Treats insomnia: Practicing Shoulderstand promotes deep sleep and therefore help cure insomnia.

7) Reduces wrinkles: Did you know that Marilyn Monroe was a yogi and practiced Shoulderstand daily? Well, Due to increased blood flow to the face, wrinkles can be reduced.

As with many yoga postures, there are contraindications.

  •  People with high blood pressure, detached retina, glaucoma, hernias, cardiovascular disease, cervical spondylitis, and/or slipped discs should not practice shoulderstand.
  • If you have or have had a neck injury, seek advice from an experienced yoga teacher before beginning to practice shoulderstand.
  • Avoid during pregnancy.
  • It is advised that women avoid inversions when menstruating.
  • To receive similar benefits in a more restorative way, try placing a block under the sacrum to elevate the hips above the heart for Vipartita Karani (or legs up the wall)

How to do Shoulderstand:

Place the heels of the palms at the small of your back with the fingertips pointing up towards the ceiling. Lift the legs up high into the air into Shoulder Stand.Move the chin away from your chest, pull in through the belly and tuck the pelvis under. You want the ankles to be stacked above the knees, knees above the hips and hips above shoulders in one straight line.Exhale to release the knees back to the chest and slowly roll down the spine. Keep the knees in and slowly rock side to side.

Note: Shoulder stand is considered to be an intermediate to advanced pose. Do not perform this pose without prior experience or unless you are performing under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Some of you who know me personally know that I practice yoga in the morning before stepping of the house. Shoulderstand is one of the posture that I will do every single day. It has personally helped me in many ways. Hope you guys are inspired to practice and get on that mat everyday. Girlies, If you have no experience and are still curious to practice, then feel free to write to me. If I get few responses; I might invest my time and do a beginners guide to this pose.

Stop, Drop & Yoga.

Have a great week.

S ❤

1000 kilometer with Nike plus!


Good morning lovers, hope you had a good weekend. Well, I am so excited to share my story “1000 kilometre with Nike plus “.

Lately I have been having too many cheat days. So, I have decided to bring myself back to a detox routine. As we all know, first few days are the toughest but I am determine to push through this.  Keep sending your positive energy and comments my way, it really helps and keeps me motivated.




Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 16.11.50

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 16.11.31

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 16.11.02

It’s nearly 5 years ago that I first went on a run using Nike Plus app. A friend of mine introduced  me to this whole new world of running. My first run was bad! I was slow. I didn’t know how to pace myself. I didn’t have the stamina and my thoughts controlled my performance. Most of all, I didn’t know how to control my breathing or right way to breath while running. It took me while to train.

WORD “Don’t practice to get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.” So, that’s exactly what I did. I am not afraid to go out for a run anytime of day or night. I have run through sunshine, rain and winter.

So if you are a beginner runner or interested in getting started? This is what you need to know.

1) Mostly running is an argument between part of you that wants to STOPS and part of you that wants to keep GOING! First few days will be more exhausting because you would be physically and mentally tired. Keep reminding yourself why you started in first place.

2) I have struggled a lot to master the right breathing technique. If your confused and not sure if you have to breath through the mouth or nose? It’s very simple. When we’re running, feeding our muscles the oxygen they need is ver important. So, breathing through the mouth is the most effective way to inhale and exhale oxygen.

3) Last but not least. If you have decided to take running seriously than it’s important you invest into right running gear. I am in love with my Nike Lunar glide4. These shoes have taken me through the mountains of Nepal, snow, rain and sunshine.

Well, this is one of my favourite topic I wanted to write about. So it was hard for me to keep it short and sweet. However, If you need to know more or think I should be writing more specifics? Feel free to Hola at me and leave your comment!

Unless you puke, faint or die. Keep going!

– Jillian Michaels

Have a healthy week!












Everyone says I eat a lot. Can you believe I am only 5.6 feet and I can eat as much as boys. Well, I play by a simple rule… EAT HEALTHY. TRAIN MEAN.

I started my fitness journey 4 years ago. In no time I was addicted to training and loved the rush of endorphins. However, I was still struggling with a chronic sinus condition. Sick and tired of getting ill all the time I decided to go on a cleansing diet. Those 20 days were tough and It changed the way I eat now.

After a year… I am finally sick!  I guess our body goes on its own cleanse… So I thought what better time to share some of my delicious recipes. Well, if you have no time to make your office lunch and struggling to eat healthy. This recipe and the technique will solve all your problems. These salads are tasty, easy and healthy. Leave me your comment below if you have tired this at home.



For the dressing:

•⅓ cup canola oil

•3 cloves garlic, peeled

•3 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce

•2 tablespoons water

•2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar

•2 tablespoons honey

•1 tablespoon sesame oil

•1 tablespoon lemongrass paste (ginger would also work)

For the salad:

•16 ounces frozen shelled edamame

•5-6 cups baby kale

•3 large carrots

•2 bell peppers (1 red, 1 yellow)

•1 cup cilantro leaves

•3 green onions

•¾ cup cashews

Note: I have used some home made chickpea for the crunch and added flavour.


1.Puree all the dressing ingredients in a food processor until smooth. Taste and adjust if needed.

2.Cook the edamame .

3. Slice rest of ingredient


Remember the trick to keeping the salad fresh is pouring the dressing first.Agave nectar or sugar would work in place of the honey for vegans.

PS: The above recipe is taken from pinch of yum. I have modified few things for my liking.