We train like an Athlete!



Iara:Sports bra Nike, pants Zara; Sita: Sports bra Nike, Shoes Cortez, Trousers Zara

I have always been a big fan of sports and active lifestyle. Today I want to narrate a story I created through these pictures. We are 2 very different people but share one thing in common… active lifestyle!

Athletes are not necessarily always the ones with athletic carrier. I believe it’s everyone who lives a committed and active lifestyle. I am not a professional athlete and I don’t have a carrier in sports. However, I still train 6 times a week and love my morning runs. I have never trained with wrong intentions of body goals or punishing myself for what I ate. I train because I love myself and have got addicted to see what my body is capable of. And If I happen to get the best abs during this process than why the hell not.

img_0047Both bikini Topshop, Jackets by Nike



“Dancers are athletes of gods”

Meet Iara, a professional dancer and teacher. Who lives and breathes dance. She has the insane gymnastics that makes every move look so easy. Dance is a sport which takes strength and effort. For her dance is a way of living!

So don’t be fooled by all the glitter and fancy outfit it is still one of the hardest sport that only they can make it look easy.




Dress Zara

All black everything!






Black skinny jeans by Topshop, Sneaker boots by Nike, Bomber jacket by Topshop, White tee by Zara

Hola lovers,

Are you surprised to see me in this all black outfit? Well, me too! Working with fun team also means that  we plan our outfit for the next day. Few months ago  we decided to wear all black outfit on a saturday, who doesn’t like black? Honestly, I Love twining but I had my doubts for all black everything. I was a bit afraid that I might be missing this colour in my closet. Well, you must be wondering how difficult this could be… throw on black jeans+black tee=done.

Guess what, I ended up not being in the picture. I am not ashamed to say this but I only had one pair of  black jeans and I hated them. Since I do not like the way they fit, they have been laying around untouched for years This might  sound a bit weird but I realised I am not a big fan of all black everything after all. Any ways, thank god for this day I realised I need a good pair of black skinny jeans. I wasn’t sure if this Topshop Joni jeans were my cup of tea. Well, I am so glad I choose wisely and I choose them! They are super high wasted, super stretchy, ankle grazer and very comfortable. I love them so much. They are the prefect fit to dress down or dress up!

Lovers, if you struggling to find that perfect fitted jeans then go try Topshop Joni and thank me later 😉

Sita ❤

How to rock a band tee?










Jeans Topshop, Nirvana jumper Vintage, Leather Jacket Zara, Skinny scarf Topshop

Once again the streets are leading the game. They are everywhere, it’s kind of becoming a fashion  staple and something Kristen Stewart will throw on running out the door. They can be both Glam & Grungy. If you ask me it’s a personal choice and how you want to be taken. Sometime, grungy vibe with glam elements is a good surprise and refreshing to see. You can obviously stick to the old rock & roll stye, which I think is pretty rebellious and cool.

For the last few months I have been on this” rock your band tee diet” and I am loving it! I have worn them for severally occasions and style them differently; glam vs grunge, casual jeans & tee day & old school badass rock & roll chic. Haha… No, Who am I kidding. Well, the point is I love it a lot.

“YAY or NAY” What do you guys think of it.

Sita ❤

Vegan detox!


Hi lovers,

How is everyone doing? I am assuming most of you must be busy tackling your New Year’s resolution. Me too! Once again my resolutions are pretty standard; live healthy, be happy, practice more gratitude and learn dutch. So I have been pretty busy to live up to my goals.

Last year around this time I tried the Vegan detox diet. After seeing some great changes; physically, mentally and spiritual. I have decided to do it again! Here is everything you need to know about this cleanse. I have tried my best to explain what,why &  how this cleanse will work.

What is a Vegan detox?

Cleansing is become a big trend in wellness world. During this detox I will follow a plant based diet and avoid unhealthy and processed foods.

Why I need a detox?

This is my magic pill! I felt alive and energised like never before. This detox helped me restart and jumpstart my healthy habits. Simply eating 100% natural diet helps remove all the toxins and cleanse our system. You’ll wake up with a strange sensation: energy. Eating natural is like feeding your soul; I started to sleep better, have better moods, I could work long hours without feeling tired and most of all I felt happy and healthy from inside.

I decided to research a little before doing such a thing. I was surprise to find so much information. There is a cleanse and detox available for all kind of things. The internet says that it takes about 72 hours for your body to clean and realise all the toxins. However, I decided to follow this for a month. My goal is to detox and train myself to eat healthy. After a month, I want my palate to be excited for a grill asparagus and broccoli and have cravings for banana chips. During this detox I will not starve myself. Instead, I will eat nutritiously and consciously. A good diet and training can do miracles. So, I will stick to my old training routines, wherein I try my best to workout twice. Morning yoga is my wake up call and evenings I have more time to train.

Today I am sharing one of my best found recipe. This pumpkin lentil soup will sure get you excited to start that detox.

Pumpkin Lentil Curry with whole grain roti





•720gm Lentils

•800gm Kidney Beans

•4 teaspoons Salt

•4 tablespoons, Coconut Oil

•4 tablespoons Cumin

•2 tablespoon Cardamom

•2 tablespoon Cinnamon

•4 Bay Leaves

•2 tablespoon Ginger

•2 clove Garlic

•2 teaspoon Cayenne Powder

•2 small container Tomato Paste

•2 medium size organic pumpkin

•2 can Liter Coconut Milk


1.Chop pumpkin into quarter and peel. Then cut them into small chunks. Bring water to boil and then place the pumpkin chunks. Cooks this for 20mins until its tender. Remove all the water and puree the pumpkin.

2.Heat coconut oil in medium-high heat. Cook all spices for 1 to 2 minutes. Reduce heat to medium-low; add tomato paste, pumpkin, kidney beans and lentils.

3.Cook over medium heat until slightly reduced, about 5 minutes. Add coconut milk and cook until for  2 to 4 minutes. Now simmer for about 45 minute, stirring occasionally. Serve warm with roti or over brown rice/quinoa.

Note: This will make about 10 servings. This recipe is slightly modified from Lorimer Street Kitchen. Go check out her blog for more great recipes like this.

Hope this delicious pumpkin lentil curry inspires you to consider a detox. Let me know If you had the time to try this recipe or feel free to share your detox secret.

Wish you all a fab week!

Sita ❤