Pretty in Pink!








Pink dress Topshop, Shoes Topshop

We found the most controversial dress ever and we love it! It’s a slightly long coat but short enough for a perfect dress.  What is not to love about this dress. Well for some, sexy doesn’t have to be body hugging. I want to be in a dress that makes me feel sensual without actually sucking the life without of me.

This year has been crazy. Summer decided to come uninvited for Autumn. And we seriously think Autumn is mad. But hey, who cares. We are loving it. So if you going on date night with your sweetheart we want to make sure you feel cool like cucumber. This is dress is effortless and hassle free. So put on your dress and pick your best heels.

This week again going to be nice and warm, hope everyone gets the chance to enjoy the last days of summer!

Sita ❤

What to wear when you feel “I have nothing to wear”








White shirt by Topshop, Jeans Vintage, Shoes by Public deisre

Is it Monday again?

First of all, I think our struggle is real when we wake up and realise it’s Monday already. Everything seems so slow but somehow the time is running faster then you realise. Some Mondays can even start with “I have nothing to wear”!

Well, I had this feeling few times last week after moving into our new home. When you have 15mins to get ready and leave, you got to be quick, smart and creative. It’s then that i realised that I stuck to my favourite denim and white shirt that I can’t live without and of course I let my personal style do the creative bit. So guys, once again believe in the power of personal style and white shirt. God knows how many times I have said this “I have a white shirt for all occasion”. Well this really helped! So any time you feel lost in your closet and don’t have anything to wear. Close your eyes and think about that one thing you would live and die in. Easier, just stick to my denim and white shirt combo, I promise it will never disappoint you.

Have a nice week you’ll!

Sita ❤


How to style a vintage dress?








                                 “Everyday is our chance to find that vintage dress”

I found this dress hanging in my friends closet. It looked everything I imagined that vintage dress to be like. First of all it came in polk dots and wide pants. So 80’s!

I like vintage but I am not obsessed with it. Here in Amsterdam I see loads of people wear vintage on daily basis. To be honest, it looses it’s charm when almost everyone wears vintage and styled in a similar way.

I gave this jumpsuit bit of rocker Saint Laurent essence. This outfit is edgy, unapologetically bad girl as they call it for Saint Laurent girl with essence of night romanticism. I will wear this look for night out and switch to sneakers in case I decide to sip on some rose during the day.


How I style sundresses for summer







Sundress by Topshop, Denim Jacket Vintage, Shoes Nike, Necklace my own, Sunglasses Celine

You think I fell in love with this sundress just because it says Sun. Haha… I guess I am excited because it finally feels like summer here in Amsterdam. Sundresses for summer is a always a good idea! This year I found my all white summer dream in Topshop. The minute I laid my eye on it, I fell in love. I love everything about this dress it’s summery, white, mid length  and comes with a bow. So you know what I will be wearing the most this summer.

A great dress is nothing without a good styling. If the outfit is styled well then I believe it’s unbeatable. In this world of fast fashion and social media, you need to have a good sense of style. You need to make it your own and own it! I am so done seeing patch on everything; jackets,jeans  & denim. And it all looks the same. The denim jacket in this pictures is vintage and worked on by a friend. The one thing I love the most about this are the small Indian details.

So go ahead and create something that says you!

Sita ❤

How to wear dress over pants?





Shirt dress by Monki, Shoulder bag by Skinny Dip , Shoes by Topshop, Jeans by Zara

Most of you must be familiar with this dress over pants hybrid. Since, this been floating around for quite some time. Few celebrities really shocked the fashion world when they showed up in this combo for big red carpet events. This trend can be so much fun and experimentally, from flirty mini to oversized slouchy look. Like the one I am wearing in these pictures. I am a huge fan of oversized flowy dresses, for warmer days I would loose the pants and just go with the dress and sneaker combo.

Would you try it? If you get inspired to try this combination then I highly recommend checking out Monki for their ultra cool long slouchy dress section. They always stock this slouchy fitted and slightly nerdy tailored dresses.

Sita ❤

How to look cool without jeans during winter?













Black bomber jacket by Topshop, Skirt by Topshop, Sunglasses by Celine, Shoes by Topshop

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Midi skirts. Last summer was all about midi skirt with front or side slit. During winter I prefer this skirt to be a bit full and flowy. Some time you don’t have to play be the role! Do what makes you feel comfortable and the rest will come.

A lot of us stick to pants during winter. I guess its safe and you can’t really go wrong in them. The real challenge is how to look cool without jeans during winter? Layering, is the best technique that one can use to tackle our winter dressing. I personally like an oversize and boxy shape for the top and go for bit fitted piece for the bottom. Though these pictures are an exception. Some time I like to ditch the rule book and try something different. I am in love with these slightly flowy midi length skirt by Topshop. Make it work with loads of layer on the top and a nice chunky boot. I know ditching pants for winter can be quite dangerous but trust me you need to try this at-least once.

As we all know, Amsterdam can be really windy. Since my house is right in front of the canal that opens into sea, It’s worse. We shot these pictures on our way to the super market. I love spending my day off with friends and do a bit of blog work. We cooked, talked, worked and ended our day watching Sex and the City in bed. What a great day!

Sita ❤


How to wear Over-the-Knee-Boots?










Long coat by Topshop, Sleeveless coat by Topshop, Over the knee boots by Zara, Dress by American Apparel, Sunglasses by Celine

I seriously thank god for my job, because I can wear whatever the hell I want to work. It’s such a relief to wake up in the morning and walk into my closet and pick whatever I feel like it. I let my imagination be in charge. I find inspiration in everything; people, place, colour, movie and more.

Would you laugh if I say I dressed like Julia Roberts from Pretty women after watching the movie? It was a perfect girls night; food, wine, catch up and Pretty Women. I woke up the next morning and I knew what I was feeling. Denim skirt, crisp white shirt tied at the waist, big hair and over the knee boots. So excited about my outfit and people to guess. I had few positive hits and they know the inspiration behind the look. Bam… Mission accomplished. My outfit choices say a lot about how I am feeling and what mood I am in. So next time you bump into me you better be ready to do some guess work.

After few days of rain and dropping temperatures and just when we had enough, It was almost 10 degrees with sun. Amsterdam is a most beautiful city when the sun is shinning. I was happy and determined to catch some sun even If I had to work all day. I had a lunch date with a friend and we also managed to get few shoots in the sun. Over all, what a gorgeous day! Now we are looking forward to more sunny days like these. Hopefully the winter is over.

Sita ❤

How to rock a band tee?










Jeans Topshop, Nirvana jumper Vintage, Leather Jacket Zara, Skinny scarf Topshop

Once again the streets are leading the game. They are everywhere, it’s kind of becoming a fashion  staple and something Kristen Stewart will throw on running out the door. They can be both Glam & Grungy. If you ask me it’s a personal choice and how you want to be taken. Sometime, grungy vibe with glam elements is a good surprise and refreshing to see. You can obviously stick to the old rock & roll stye, which I think is pretty rebellious and cool.

For the last few months I have been on this” rock your band tee diet” and I am loving it! I have worn them for severally occasions and style them differently; glam vs grunge, casual jeans & tee day & old school badass rock & roll chic. Haha… No, Who am I kidding. Well, the point is I love it a lot.

“YAY or NAY” What do you guys think of it.

Sita ❤

Guide to New Year’s Eve party dressing


Yay… It’s almost New Year’s Eve. The most overrated and shit expensive night of the year. Well whatever said, let’s get ready to kiss 2015 a final good bye. What a great year and so much to look forward to.

I love this time of the year; cosy family nights, presents and endless reasons to get dressed. So would you be dress for the party or party to dress? Whatever you’re reasons are let’s bring this new year with a style.

I believe it’s our time to shine, so let’s bring out all the glitter & sequins and go all out. So to get you guys in  New Year’s Eve I have put together 3 different looks that I am thinking of wearing it.

Hollywood Glam!

Who says it’s only about the sparkle? Haha… Me. If you do not wish to invest into a sequins dress and have it hanging in your closet for the rest of the year. Let’s try the classic black gown instead and accessorise the sparkle of it. And don’t forget the sparkly shoes to finish the look.

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta



Are you young, rock and roll grunge and little bit badass? Bad girlfriend, It’s no secret that I have been crushing on this trend since the beginning. Well, If you want to have a best night with your girlfriends and go all out, I suggest you try this look. Don’t be scared, it doesn’t have to be this crazy. You can also try some leather pants, biker jacket  or Dr.Martens.

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta



Glitter dress is a New Year’s Eve classic. You can never go wrong with this number. You can choose from sequins, glitter, metallics or all stone studded. Who cares? A sparkly number is sure to rock your night!

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta


Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta Model: Bella Donna

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Photography: Pär Alster MU:Martyna Pluta

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Sita ❤



Some things never go out of fashion!











Flare jeans: Topshop, White shirt: Zara, Shoes: Topshop, Denim jacket: Zalando, Leapoard coat: Topshop

Some things never go out of style… like leopard print & double denim.

I will always pull out my double denim when I am short of time & not sure what to wear. Double denim have always been fashions favourite baby. They would always surface around fashion week, magazine covers and street style.

Feeling like Kate Moss & Donna Pinciotti from 70s show,  I am wearing my double denim with leopard coat.

Sita ❤