Reminiscing last days of summer!









Shoes Uzurii Luxury Footwear, Dress Zara, Clutch Uzurii Luxury Footwear

It’s Autumn in the city and we are still thinking about last days of summer. It was only last week that we could still run around in our sundresses. After having such a good summer here in Holland, we can’t really complain about Autumn anymore.

Well for me, I will be soon packing my bag for Morocco. Jezz… I can’t wait! With few days left, I am almost done deciding what to take. For sure this Uzurii shoes are going with me. They are perfect for day and night look. If you looking for something unique and have love for Luxury than these shoes are for you.

PS: Keep your eyes on my Instagram page for more pictures and styling tips for this shoes.

Sita ❤

How to transition your summer wardrobe into fall?







Pink Skirt Topshop, Shoes Nike, Earrings Topshop

Morning lovers!

Hope everyone had a good week. Well, here in Holland the summer has just started. We had such an incredible week. Summer brings lots of colours and good vibes all around us and not to forget even in our wardrobe. Soon the days will get shorter and colder and sooner we will not want to wear our colourful flowery clothes. Unless, you are Iris Apfel. Btw it’s a good thing to be her.

So here is the trick to transition dressing. Especially, If you have such crazy in between weather like Holland. Remember this “It’s never too early to buy sweaters”. In between weather will bring unexpected showers and chill in the air. So be prepared. One minute it will look all sunny and next thing you know it starts pouring outside. So keep things colourful and summery with touch of comfort. I am so in love with my pink skirt. It’s a perfect length for all weather and a very versatile piece to style. Adding a chunky or fluffy sweater will give you quick autumn fix.

So this autumn don’t be afraid to bring out your summer clothes and style them like it’s cold outside 😉

Happy week everyone!

Sita ❤

How to wear denim cutoffs and still look like an adult






Denim shorts Topshop, Shoes Topshop, Sunglasses Celine, White shirt & other stories

Summer in holland means few days of 30 degrees with unexpected showers. However, the dutchies know how to make the most out of a good sunny day. For some reason I feel that the entire country is on a vacation and I am stuck inside working. Haha… that’s not true! I have had my fair share of good weather too 😉

So coming to the big fat question. Can denim cut offs look adult? Or Can you wear your denim cutoffs to work? So the answer is, YES! You can wear denim cut offs and still look like an adult. But choosing the right ones is the key to achieve this look. First thing you need to do is avoid everything that says Mom fit. They might sound safe but their is nothing safe about them. In fact, they ride straight up your cheek. So stay away from them! And go visit your Grandma instead. Granny shorts are the shit, they cover what needs to be covered in a cool way. If you think of wearing them to work, (only if your job is as usual as mine) then I would pair them with a crisp white shirt and statement shoes. Adding a blazer will make you feel like an office lady but just without pants!

I personally fell in love with these Girlfriend fit from Topshop. I have recommended this to many ladies and they all love them as much as I do.

Sita ❤

When in doubt wear double denim




Denim jacket by Topshop, Mickey tee by Topshop, White sneakers by Nike

When in doubt wear double denim. I literally live by this. If you work in Fashion then you are expected to be at your best all the time. Look no further then your basic denim. It’s no secret that fashion world has always secretly adored denim but it’s just now that denim/double denim is taking over the fashion world and there is no looking back. Fashion week showed us creative ways of embracing  jeans with your own sense of personal style.

Today we are talking about the new trend thats taking over the street style, runways and magazine editorials. It’s end of the Era for over the shoulder coat and we have officially moved on to forced shoulder exposure. We believe this trend makes our outfit and pictures look way cooler. Try it now and lets us know what you think.

Sita ❤

Crop top for Autumn!










Jeans by Topshop, Cropped Knit by Topshop, Belt by H&M, Gilet by Topshop, Shoes by Topshop

It’s almost Autumn and what better way to welcome the sweater weather than with a crop knit. This Autumn learn how to rock a crop top to your university, office & casual date nights.

Back to University look: Are you looking to take this trend to the university? Than don’t forget to keep it young & fresh. Go for cool abbreviated sweater crops for cute young look. Emoji are everyones favourite! So, it’s not that hard to find a crop sweater with these cool figures to achieve a quirky look.

Office look: Wearing crop tops to work could be bit tricky. However, you can still wear this trend to work and still look sophisticated and professional. Give your classic denim a update and pair them with a knit sweater. Choose high waisted jeans to avoid showing a lot. A nice pair of gilet over is a good way to cover against the office air conditioning.

Casual date night: Don’t we all want to look perfect for our date nights? Yes, I do! Since we are talking about weather proof dress code. We want to cover our legs and let TOP be the hero. Pair your denim with a sheer-paneled shirt and a bralette underneath.

Don’t let winter bring you down. Get up. Dress up. Make up. And look flawless!



Summer suit








Tuxedo Blazer Topshop, Hot pants Topshop, Shoes Nike Roshe, T-shirt Zara, Leather Bag Topshop, Choker Topshop


Hola! Are you looking for monday morning outfit inspiration? Learn how to rock hot pants at work without feeling too naked. Well, this look is inspired by the Dior and Louis Vuitton resort girls. When temperate rise up and trousers seems like a terrible idea.  This is something I would wear all summer and not complain. Summer means only one thing. Hot Pants! This years resort collection was all about legs. So don’t be afraid to show some leg this summer.

I am in love with this Topshop Co-ords. In fact, this Tuxedo blazer will be my favourite to transition into fall. One styling tip to make you look chic and yet office appropriate. Keep your hemline length shorter and finish it off with chic blazer to create the balance look for the day.

Lovers don’t forget to share your summer suit looks and #cocolettstyle.

Happy monday!