Sun dress that you need to buy now!






Dress Topshop , Shoes Nike, Sunglasses Celine


Summer of 2016 is all about this little flower dress. They come in all colours and different prints. One dress that does it all. This summery, sexy and versatile piece can take you through anything… summer date nights, festival,  brunches and park chills. What I like the most about this dress is that it wraps around your waist and is flattering for almost all body type.

I wear this dress so much and so often that I am thinking of getting a second one with different print and colour 😉

Sita ❤

How I style sundresses for summer







Sundress by Topshop, Denim Jacket Vintage, Shoes Nike, Necklace my own, Sunglasses Celine

You think I fell in love with this sundress just because it says Sun. Haha… I guess I am excited because it finally feels like summer here in Amsterdam. Sundresses for summer is a always a good idea! This year I found my all white summer dream in Topshop. The minute I laid my eye on it, I fell in love. I love everything about this dress it’s summery, white, mid length  and comes with a bow. So you know what I will be wearing the most this summer.

A great dress is nothing without a good styling. If the outfit is styled well then I believe it’s unbeatable. In this world of fast fashion and social media, you need to have a good sense of style. You need to make it your own and own it! I am so done seeing patch on everything; jackets,jeans  & denim. And it all looks the same. The denim jacket in this pictures is vintage and worked on by a friend. The one thing I love the most about this are the small Indian details.

So go ahead and create something that says you!

Sita ❤

How to wear dress over pants?





Shirt dress by Monki, Shoulder bag by Skinny Dip , Shoes by Topshop, Jeans by Zara

Most of you must be familiar with this dress over pants hybrid. Since, this been floating around for quite some time. Few celebrities really shocked the fashion world when they showed up in this combo for big red carpet events. This trend can be so much fun and experimentally, from flirty mini to oversized slouchy look. Like the one I am wearing in these pictures. I am a huge fan of oversized flowy dresses, for warmer days I would loose the pants and just go with the dress and sneaker combo.

Would you try it? If you get inspired to try this combination then I highly recommend checking out Monki for their ultra cool long slouchy dress section. They always stock this slouchy fitted and slightly nerdy tailored dresses.

Sita ❤

Welcome to my world!










White dress by H&M AW15 Studio, White sneakers by Nike Roshe, Black shorts by DIY (me),

Good Morning lovers! Guess what… the dream team is back! After powering suiting for the first time we couldn’t wait to work together. This time around we bringing something different and real. So welcome to our world.

My name is Sita Sunar and I am a stylist. My life is anything but boring. People seek my help to re-vamp their wardrobe, find the perfect dress for an occasion or simply like to try something different. Everyday is an adventure working as personal stylist. I love working with clothes and I do not dread Monday.  Blogging is my escape and an hobby. Here I get to say and do what I like. Since, my blog is about fashion and fitness. I have to be committed to it. Well, there are days when I fall for temptations. Well, It’s the discipline that teaches me to get back at it.  My typical day will start around 6.30-7am. If I do not have to work on my blog, I go for a quick 20mins run, shower and get dressed for work. Monday mornings is when I have to finish my blog post (like today), post it, 10 minutes yoga, shower and get ready for work. As I mentioned my job is anything but boring. I meet at least 10 to 15 new people everyday. I personally love working with real women who need my help. I finish work around 7ish and run straight home. Coming home to my beautiful cats is the best thing ever. I take about half hour break, have a quick snack and go to the gym. Well, things are bit different if I have planned some after work activities. Since, I have to work the most weekends. I plan my nights out according to my mood. I like to spend my days off working on my blog. It could be from shooting an outfit, working on a fitness video to finding a new inspiration.

If you are an aspiring fashion Stylist, this what you need to know:

1)It’s all about the internship: Intern for a stylist, become their assistant. This industry works by recommendations.

2) Build you work: In the beginning it is hard to make easy money. Your priority should be about getting your self out there.

3) Research and keep your self updated: Researching different looks, making appointments, gathering all the pieces for a look. It’s a lot of screen time!” Knowing the industry and what’s new is important.

4) Be confident and know yourself: Last but not least. Know your style and strength and don’t be scared to show it off.

Hope this helps you to get started.

Have a lovely week and see you soon.



Bad Girlfriend!



Photography: Par Alster, MU & Hair: Rebecca Rockliffe, Styling: Sita Sunar


Photography: Par Alster, MU & Hair: Rebecca Rockliffe, Styling: Sita Sunar


Photography: Par Alster, MU & Hair: Rebecca Rockliffe, Styling: Sita Sunar


Photography: Par Alster, MU & Hair: Rebecca Rockliffe, Styling: Sita Sunar


Photography: Par Alster, MU & Hair: Rebecca Rockliffe, Styling: Sita Sunar


Photography: Par Alster, MU & Hair: Rebecca Rockliffe, Styling: Sita Sunar


Photography: Par Alster, MU & Hair: Rebecca Rockliffe, Styling: Sita Sunar

Leather jacket Zara, Studded Bra Victoria’s secret, Belt Flea market, Goa, Lace bralet Topshop, Skirt Zara, Shoes ASOS

Hi everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. Well, It’s Monday again. And I am ready for another week of new beginning and fresh start! I want you to start your week with a good note. So, here is the editorial we worked on last weekend. I am sure this will bring some sunshine in this rainy monday morning.

We had so much fun working on this photo shoot. The sun was shinning and felt like endless summer in Amsterdam. Well, this look is inspired by Bad girlfriends. So it feels young with a bad behaviour rebelliousness. Since this seasons fall & winter trends are full of surprises. I decided to give my own twist to a traditional rock & roll girl. Still… Leather and more leather is always a YES!

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures.



Summer suit








Tuxedo Blazer Topshop, Hot pants Topshop, Shoes Nike Roshe, T-shirt Zara, Leather Bag Topshop, Choker Topshop


Hola! Are you looking for monday morning outfit inspiration? Learn how to rock hot pants at work without feeling too naked. Well, this look is inspired by the Dior and Louis Vuitton resort girls. When temperate rise up and trousers seems like a terrible idea.  This is something I would wear all summer and not complain. Summer means only one thing. Hot Pants! This years resort collection was all about legs. So don’t be afraid to show some leg this summer.

I am in love with this Topshop Co-ords. In fact, this Tuxedo blazer will be my favourite to transition into fall. One styling tip to make you look chic and yet office appropriate. Keep your hemline length shorter and finish it off with chic blazer to create the balance look for the day.

Lovers don’t forget to share your summer suit looks and #cocolettstyle.

Happy monday!



Bring on the night!













White Top ZARA, Stripe Shorts ZARA, Shoes TOPSHOP, Necklace TOPSHOP


It’s FRIYAY! Are you excited about the weekend? Well, I am looking forward to mine. Working in retail means working weekend… Well, as much as I Love my job, I do look forward to time off on weekends.

Today I wanted to blog about something fun. So here I am sharing some of the pictures from our holiday. How I wish to be back in that island, where afternoon napes and good food was the only  agenda.

I am so excited to have days off when the sun is shinning. Living in holland you got to appreciate these few sunny days! Happy weekend and I want to hear about your weekend adventures.

Sita xoxo


Summer Layering









Crop top Topshop White jumpsuit Zara Sunglasses Celine Sandals Forever21

Hola lovers. I am back! Last few days is exactly what I needed to recharge and spring back to life. Well, we did lots of holiday things like eat, beach, sleep and some fun gym sessions. Holiday gym sessions are important to keep you in shape, just incase you decide to take some pictures in your bikini 😉 Yes I have some really cool stuff coming up soon. So keep your eyes on this page or follow me on Instagram & Twitter @sitasunar.

First of all, thank god I packed differently. Every morning at breakfast they all looked the same. White/maxi dresses or beach shorts.

Why fit in, when you are born to STAND OUT.

Dr. Seuss

Not sure where to begin? For years experts all over the world have been talking about the power of layering! So why not summer layer? It’s a fun way to add a little coolness to your look. Crop tops/bralet is a great way to layer under a nice overall and white shirt. Another great option is no sleeves coat, they come in different length and color.

Leave a comment below if you would like to see me style a no sleeves coat!


The Fashion Week uniform









White shirt Zara Man Denim dungarees Zara woman Shoes Topshop Sunglasses ASOS Scarf Topshop

Hi Lovers,

Did you guys miss me? Well, having a full time job and blogging is lot more difficult than I thought. After all, Life is a matter of balance.

Since Fashion Week has descended upon us. We decided to do a Fashion Week uniform and a instant crowd pleaser. Do you believe in blurring the traditional gender difference? Then this is for you. Classic pinstripe shirt from men’s closet and your pink heels.

Hope you guys enjoy the pictures. However, we would like to hear from you. Share with us that one piece in your closet that screams Androgyny.

Can’t wait to hear thoughts and comments.